As both a parent of campers and a member of the Ramah Day Camp Committee I ask for your help in making Ramah Day Camp the place that we all love. Our camp is one that provides a vibrant summer experience that connects campers with the joys of Judaism and Jewish living. It is a place where our campers have fun and at the same time build meaningful relationships.

However, tuition alone does not cover all the costs of camp. Your donations help:

  • Provide scholarships to families in need and keep tuition down for all families;
  • Add equipment and facilities that keep up with needs of the camp, campers, and staff; and
  • Improve programming and staff development that enhance each child’s Ramah Day Camp experience.

We hope that we can count on you to support Ramah Day Camp. Your gift is an investment that pays back with tangible results: Ramah strengthens our children Jewishly, with an impact that lasts long past the summer.

Please fill out the donation form to make your contribution. Your gift – in any amount – will make a difference.  Todah Rabbah!

Karen Ebroon, Ramah Day Camp Chair