Special Camp Activities


Yamim Meyuchadim (Special Days)

Purim in July? A camel on the kikar (field)? Olympic Games? You never know what might happen on Yom Meyuchad at Ramah Day Camp. Every Wednesday the entire camp enjoys a themed day filled with games, art, sports, and endless fun and surprises. Extended free swim and special entertainment fill the afternoon. A seasoned Ramah-nik never misses a Wednesday!

Challah Baking

Each week campers have the opportunity to create their own challah masterpieces. The challah is labeled with each child's name and baked to perfection. This delicious homemade challah is distributed each Friday for families to enjoy at their Shabbat tables (unless campers gobble it up on the bus!).

5th and 6th Grade Programming

Design your day! 

We are offering "chugim" specialty clinics twice a day. You can choose what you want to do!

Community service projects.

Don't just sit there - be a part of your community. This summer at Ramah Day Camp we will explore our community through volunteer opportunities combined with fun outings.

Plus, all of those Ramah Day Camp favorites:

  • Swimming, sports, dance, drama, art, etc.
  • Linat Laila Overnighter each session.
  • Field trips to a waterpark and canoe trip.
  • Spending time with your friends at the day camp!

3rd-6th Grade Programming

Chugim (Specialty Clinics)

We grow with your campers! As children age through the program we provide opportunities for them to choose activities. From tennis to open art studio, from martial arts to diablo, from cooking to drama, 3rd-6th graders hone their skills in a particular area of interest three days a week after lunch. Most chugim last two weeks, and topics vary each summer and each session.

Tiyulim V'Linat Lilah (Field Trips and Overnighters)

Each session our oldest campers, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, enjoy a field trip to an exciting destination. The second session field trip is always a canoe trip...campers practice canoeing in our pools! Fifth and sixth graders enjoy an overnighter at our very own camp site. Overnighters are filled with songs, stories, s'mores, and smiles as campers test the waters of the overnight camp experience.