Contact your Camper

How will you stay in touch with your camper this summer? We've got you covered!


Through your CampMinder account, you’ll be able to send emails to your campers. We print the emails out every day and distribute them at the regular mail call after lunch. When your campers respond, you’ll receive an email with a pdf scan of their handwritten message. Full details will be sent to enrolled families in May.

Letters and Packages

While emails are great for a quick update, campers love receiving “snail” mail and packages! Feel free to send toys, games, books, or any other fun non-food items. If you want your camper to send letters back, be sure to pack stationery and stamps.

Phone Calls

Camp is a special place where we get to disconnect from the rest of the world. We ask that campers not bring cell phones to camp and we do not allow campers to make phone calls except in special circumstances. Of course, campers can call home for family birthdays and anniversaries, and our staff will work with you to arrange a time for those calls.

Remember, no news is good news! We will always contact you in case of an emergency.


Pay us a visit virtually and see for yourself.