and connection to Jewish values.

When it comes to our expertise in and connection to Jewish values, we go deep.

Nurturing Jewish Identity

Ramah is known for its immersive Jewish environment and for having the best-trained staff for nurturing and celebrating Jewish identity.  They use music, stories and games to creatively connect campers to Jewish experiences and traditions.

A boy focusing.

Making Mensches

We promote a culture of kindness and respect throughout camp, recognizing the “Jewish teachable moments” that happen all day long.

Two children embracing and smiling at the camera.


We foster a love and connection to the people and land of Israel that is deep and long-lasting. Our Israeli counselors are a great addition to our staff and help campers learn about Israel through stories, music, dance, art and use of Hebrew. These friendships connect our worldwide Jewish community and bring a magical energy to the entire camp experience.

Three teens embracing and smiling at the camera.

Hebrew Language

And did we mention the amazing Sha’ar Chicago (Chicago Gateway) program for campers entering grades 1-3? This opt-in Hebrew immersion program has been a huge hit with campers and we’re excited to offer it again this year.

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