Daily Packing List

What to Bring to Camp

  • Backpack
  • Lunch/Lunch bag
  • Water bottle
  • Bathing Suit (send on Monday, we will rinse/dry and send it home on Friday)
  • Weather Appropriate Gear (sweatshirt/rain jacket)
  • Sunscreen (send on the first day and it will be kept in camper’s locker room cubby):
    • Note: We recommend applying sunscreen prior to camp each day. Campers will reapply sunscreen after swimming. If you have any additional requests or instructions, please send a note to the Ramah Day Camp office (office@ramahday.com).
  • Bug Repellant
    • Ramah Day Camp has a professional mosquito abatement service that sprays the camp throughout the summer. If you find that your child is still being bitten, we recommend that you apply mosquito repellent at home. If you would like your camper’s counselor to reapply repellent after swimming, send it in your camper’s bag.
  • Flip Flops or Sandals (optional for the pool only)
  • Change of Clothes (Chaverim and Amitzim REQUIRED, all other campers recommended):
    • Pack a complete change of clothes — shirt, shorts/pants, socks, and underwear — in a clearly labeled gallon sized Ziploc bag. All campers are required to be potty trained by the start of camp, however we realize that accidents do occur. Should accidents become frequent and/or regular, we will call home and discuss a plan with you.

what not to bring to camp

  • Personal valuables
  • Stuffed animals/blankets/loveys
  • iPod/iPad
  • Cell phones
  • Smart watches/Apple watches
  • Any gaming devices (DS, Switch, etc.) Glass containers
  • Gum
  • Alcohol or drugs Weapons

Ramah Day Camp is not responsible for personal items or valuables brought to camp.

Summer 2024