Financial Assistance

We are a welcoming, inclusive community and will work with any family who wishes to become a part of the Ramah community. We are proud to offer a variety of financial solutions for families in need.


We offer a variety of discounts and incentives to attend Ramah Day Camp. Click here for more information about our current discounts. 

Financial Assistance

We know that the decision to attend Ramah Day Camp is an investment in your camper’s future. We are committed to making sure that every family that wants to have a Ramah experience is able to do so. Click here for more information about our financial assistance process.

General Camp Info

Where is Ramah Day Camp located?

Ramah Day Camp is located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago near the intersection of Dundee Road and Milwaukee Avenue.

What time does camp start and end each day?

Camp starts at 9:15am and ends at 3:15pm.

What are the session dates?

Please see our Dates & Rates page for details about our summer schedule.

Preparing for Camp

What type of clothing should my camper wear?

Send your camper in comfortable clothing appropriate for summer weather and closed-toe shoes. If it’s a chilly day, please send a sweatshirt or light jacket.

What does my camper need to bring to camp each day?

The items your camper should bring to camp each day include lunch, a water bottle and a hat.

What items can my camper leave at camp?

Additional items your camper can leave in their cubby at camp include sunscreen, insect repellent, a change of clothes and goggles. Please send these items with your camper on the first day of camp and we will send a note home if they need to be refilled/replaced.

Does my camper need to bring lunch/snacks to camp?

Please send lunch everyday – except Friday when we will serve pizza to all campers and staff! Gluten-free and dairy-free pizza options are provided. Lunches are refrigerated. Please use the camp-provided lunch bags labeled with your camper’s name so we can ensure they are sorted properly. Camp will provide all (kosher, nut-free) snacks.


How do I register for Ramah Day Camp?

You can register your camper using the CampMinder registration system.

Are there incentives for registering early?

We offer an early bird incentive for registrations by December 1.

If I need to cancel my child’s Ramah Day Camp registration, will I receive a refund?

Our cancellation policy can be found on our Dates & Rates page .


What are the transportation options?

Door-to-door busing from the northern suburbs

Group stops in the following locations:

  • Skokie
  • Chicago East
  • Chicago West
  • Oak Park/River Forest

Drop-off and pick-up at Ramah Day Camp

Are there additional fees for the bus option?

We offer coach-style buses from the Chicago East and Chicago West locations so there is an additional fee ($600 full summer / $300 half summer) for those bus routes.

Is there supervision on the bus?

Our staff rides the buses together with our campers. A bus counselor gets off the bus to greet each camper in the morning, and helps the camper get settled on the bus. The same supervision is provided on the ride home.

Visiting Camp

Can I take a tour before I register my camper?

Yes, we provide opportunities for camp tours in spring, summer and fall.

Can I visit camp during the summer?

We try to provide opportunities to welcome our camper families onto our campus. Please contact the Ramah Day Camp office if you are interested in visiting during the summer.

Health & Safety

What happens if my camper is ill or injured during the camp day?

Minor injuries or illness will be addressed on-site with a phone call or email to the camper’s parents/guardians. In the rare event of a serious injury, the camper’s parents/guardians will be notified immediately and if they are unavailable, we will contact those on their emergency contact list.

Is there a nurse on-site?

Yes, we have a full-time nurse on-site during camp hours.

What is the procedure for dangerous weather?

All campers are brought to safe, indoor spaces together with their staff members, and fun they continue the camp day with fun indoor activities.

How do you prepare for other emergencies?

Before the summer, representatives of the Wheeling Police and Fire Departments visit camp to review and assess our site safety and train our staff regarding emergency protocols.


What support do you offer campers with disabilities?

Ramah Day Camp is fully inclusive of campers with disabilities and special needs. We have a full-time social worker on staff who works with families to create customized plans for each camper and we partner with Keshet to provide one-on-one support for those campers who need it.

Food & Allergies

What is the food allergy policy?

Health and safety are a top priority at Ramah Day Camp and we are committed to being allergy-safe. While we are not allergen-free, we try to make our campus as safe as possible for our campers with allergies by working closely with their families before and during the summer.

Are nuts allowed at camp?

Ramah Day Camp is a nut-aware campus. We do not serve any snacks or food that contain nuts or are processed in a facility with nuts. Camper families may send nut products in their camper’s lunches. Counselors are made aware of all allergies and ensure that no campers are sharing food during lunch. Please contact the office for any allergy-related questions.


Is the program the same for all age groups?

We strive to create an arc of experience so each summer builds on the last, continuing to offer new activities and skills as the campers get older.

What is the Sha’ar Chicago Hebrew Immersion program?

Sha’ar Chicago is a unique Hebrew immersion program. All aspects of the camp day are conducted in Hebrew, giving the campers an opportunity to gain proficiency as they participate in the full Ramah Day Camp schedule of activities–swimming, sports, arts and crafts and more. Campers learn to understand and speak Hebrew naturally, by listening to and speaking with their counselors and peers. For more information about Sha’ar Chicago, click here.

Jewish Rituals

Is Kashrut observed at camp?

All meals and snacks served at camp are certified kosher. Campers bring their own lunches from home, which should be kosher and dairy or pareve (no meat). Below are the various kosher symbols to look for when selecting food to send to camp. Please choose foods with one of these symbols or check the CRC website for additional acceptable symbols:

Jewish symbols.