שאלות נפוצות


Q. Is there supervision on the bus?

A. Our counselors ride the buses with the campers. A bus counselor gets off the bus to greet each camper in the morning, and helps the camper get settled on the bus. After that, the fun begins! Our counselors entertain the campers on the bus with music, games, and stories. The same supervision and entertainment are provided on the ride home.

Q. Is Kashrut observed at camp?

A. All meals and snacks served at camp are certified kosher. Campers bring their own lunches from home, which should be kosher and dairy or pareve (no meat). If a camper brings a snack to camp to celebrate a special occasion with his/her group, this too should be kosher and pareve.  Any snack food sent to camp for sharing purposes must be in an unopened package bearing a symbol certifying that the product is kosher. To the right are the various kosher symbols to look for when selecting food to send to camp. Please choose foods with one of these symbols or check the CRC website for additional acceptable symbols:

Q. Is the program the same for all age groups?

A. Our program responds to the age and development of the campers in each group. Camp activities are paced to the ability level of the group. The length of activity periods also varies according to age. Most importantly, our counselors are carefully selected for their ability to cater to the needs of the particular age groups to which they are assigned.

Q. The tuition is more than I had planned for summer camp. Are scholarships available?

A. We are very sensitive to this issue, as it affects many of our campers. As a not-for-profit organization, we try to keep costs as low as possible, while providing a quality, experienced staff and quality programming. Many synagogues offer scholarship assistance to Ramah campers, because they understand the value of the Ramah experience. Ask your rabbi for information about available funds. If your synagogue is not able to assist you, please contact us. We will do our best to find a way for your child to come to camp.

Q. My child goes to day school. Why is a Ramah Day Camp summer important?

A. Ramah is where children learn that being Jewish lasts all year. The day school provides a model of how a Jew lives each day for ten months of the year, and the values and ideals taught at school are reinforced and enhanced at camp. We believe that the continuity we provide makes your child’s day school education much more meaningful. All of the educational research indicates that carrying over learning experiences into different environments is essential for the learning experiences to be effective. We are the only day camp in the Chicago area that provides the type of continuity appropriate for day school students.

Q. My child doesn’t attend day school. Will he be comfortable at Ramah?

A. Absolutely! Our curriculum is designed to be meaningful for every camper, regardless of background. We believe that every camper should have the opportunity to develop skills in all areas of camp, and we work hard to assist each camper in a nurturing environment, without pressure.

Q. What percentage of campers are day school students?

A. Slightly less than fifty percent.

Q. My child really likes sports. I’m worried that there will be too much study and not enough play.

A. Besides our instructional sports program, each group has additional opportunities to play sports every day. We love to play a variety of games and team sports, including basketball, softball, tennis and soccer. One of the things that makes Ramah special is that a great deal of Jewish learning is infused throughout the day, as concepts and Hebrew terms are incorporated into every area of camp without formal instruction. Campers and their parents are often amazed at how much they have learned without “trying.” Our most focused learning activities are part of a uniquely designed program, which includes games, stories, role-plays, and projects directed at various themes. These focused activities last about 20 minutes, four times per week. That leaves lots of time for other kinds of fun!

Q. How do you get to camp?

A. The day camp is located at 98 West Hintz Road in Wheeling, IL. Hintz Road hits Milwaukee Avenue south of Dundee and north of Willow (just north of Palwaukee Airport). Go west on Hintz Road, pass two streets, and we are halfway down the block on the right. Look for the Ramah sign in front of the parking lot. Please park in the lot, and come into the house and sign in before visiting your child. Remember, you are welcome to visit the day camp at any time, and join in the fun.

rdc location map.jpg

Q. Where do your campers come from?

A.  As shown by the blue dots on the map, our campers come from all around the Chicagoland area, both the city and the suburbs.  Busing is provided.